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Development of a microprocessor controller of a servo drive of a 3d printer
Gubanova Aleksandra Anatol'evna

Lecturer at Don State Technical University.

344000, Russia, Rostovskaya oblast', g. Rostov-Na-Donu, Gagarina, 1





The article contains the results of development of a microprocessor controller of a servo drive for a 3D printer based on the microcontroller AT89C52. The structure and basic circuit diagram, and the PCB have been designed. This development is implemented on an affordable, cheap and modern electronic base, which helps significantly increase the quality of follower drive control. The author considers a 3D printer with a two pivot moving platform and with vertical printing head positioning at a selected depth. The research methodology allows developing modern technical equipment using affordable and cheap electronic components. Such technical means can interact with each other and help design flexible circuits. As a technological platform, FPGAs are used, which help modify the system quickly. The designed microprocessor controller of a servo drive is small (120x80x1,5 mm), has low power demand and high functionality. It uses modern, affordable and cheap hardware components. Use of the microcontroller AT89C52 as a control and information processing unit significantly reduces the number of elements in a microprocessor circuit. If this system is launched, it will significantly reduce the operate time and help acquire higher quality of follower drive control. 

Keywords: stepper motor, extruder, sensor, PCB, microprocessor system, servo drive, controller, 3-D printer, positioning, order system



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