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Municipal Service Development Programs: From the Norm to the Action
Kireeva Elena Yur'evna

Doctor of Law

Professor of the Department of Legal Regulation of Public Service at RANEPA

142984, Russia, g. Moscow, ul. Raduzhnaya, 23 kv.3





The subject of this research is the regional and municipal legal acts that regulate the municipal service programs, and practical implementatin of these acts in particular Russian Federation constituents and municipal units. Within the framework of this research, the author has covered the main tasks of municipal units that are aimed at improvement the HR service at municipal units and has outlined efficiency indicators that are usually used by the municipal service development programs. In conclusion, the author describes the main issues that need to be solved in this sphere. Based on the comparative law analysis of the Russian Federation constituents' legislation and municipal legal acts, the author defines the most typical approaches to defining the structure and content of policy documents in the sphere of municipal service. As a result of her research, Kireeva defines the following trends and peculiarities in the sphere of the legal regulation of municipal service development programs. 1. There is a certain growth in the number of development programs undertaken by municipal units. 2. Along with the description of particular targets and objectives, the programs also contain an analysis of the actual situation in the HR development at municipal units and offer efficiency criteria. 3. The most typical activities regulated by the program include adoption of municipal regulations in the sphere of municipal service, professional training of municipal officers, anti-corruption measures and improvement of HR procedures at municipal units. 
local, municipality, staffing, personnel, development, program, service, municipal, self-governing

Keywords: local, municipality, staffing, personnel, development, program, service, municipal, self-governing, unit



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