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Legal Regulation of Russia's National Innovation System
Lapina Marina Afanas'evna

Doctor of Law

Professor of the Department of Legal Regulation of Economic Activities at Fincial University under the Government  of the Russian Federation

109456, Russia, g. Moscow, pr-d 4-I veshnyakovskii, 4, aud.406
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The subject of the research is the current legal standards that regulate innovative activity in the Russian Federation. The object of the research is the social relations that encourage the development of Russia's national innovation system. One of the essential conditions for the establishment and development of innovative economy is the creation of the ecomic and legal regulation system for innovative activity in the Russian Federation. In her research Lapina carries out an analysis of the legislation on innovative activity, defines problems of legal regulation of the national innovation system, and makes recommendations on how to improve the current legislation in order to encourage better development of Russia's innovative economy. The author pays special attention the the role of public administration, and importance of federal executive authorities' competences that affect the legal regulation of innovative activity. The methodological basis of the research includes recent findings and achievements of the knowledge theory. In the process of her research Lapina has used general philosophical methods, systems analysis, expert analysis, event analysis, and traditional legal research methods (formal logic and comparative law) as well as structural analysis. Lapina ends her research with the conclusion that there is no legal act that would fully regulate innovative activity of economic entities. Authorities that regulate innovative activity and their competences are set forth by numerous legal acts of different nature. Based on her analysis of legal acts and other official documents, the author of the article emphasizes the need to establish a basic federal law on innovative activity. 

Keywords: subjects of innovative activity, national innovation system, management, powers, state power, innovative activity, innovative economy, innovative legislation, innovations, legal regulation



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