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Development of Cross-Border Statistics in the European Union and USA
Girnik Evgenii Sergeevich

Postgraduate at the International Informatization Academy 

125040, Russia, Moscow, Leningradskii Prospekt, 3/5
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The object of the research is the cross-border policy and cross-border activity of the European Union and USA. The subject of the research is cross-border statistics. Each state (or union of states) develops and puts into practice different approaches, techniques and technologies to ensure cross-border security. This experience is reflected in cross-border statistics and needs to be reviewed to select the best practical methods and technologies that can be useful for CIS and Eurasian Economic Union member states. The main methods used by the author to write the article include description, comparison, analysis, generalisation and synthesis. The scientific novelty of the research is caused by the fact that the researcher classifies cross-border statistics of the foreign states. The author focuses on fundamental principles of official statistics in the foreign states, describes different approaches to statistics organisation that allow to raise trust of the society towards state authorities and their activity in the cross-border and domestic security fields. The author also describes conceptual and practical approaches to technologies and methods of keeping cross-border statistics records when planning domestic and cross-border security by the foreign states. Based on the analysis of the foreign states' experience, the author offers a conceptual model of cross-border security for the CIS and Eurasian Economic Union member states. The author also suggests to use a mathematical calculation method to assess the level of protectoin of state borders when latent flows come through. 

Keywords: cross-border security, domestic security, state border, statistical data records, defence, protection, cross-border statistics, states, technologies, methods



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