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Turgenev Places in Memoirs and Prose by Russian Migrant Writers of the First Wave
Tishina Irina

journalist at House of Russian Emigre Community named after Alexander Solzhenitsyn

109240, Russia, Moscow Oblast, Moscow, str/ Nizhnyaya Radishchevskaya, 2


The subject of the research is the topos 'Turgenev places' as the Russian and all-European spiritual and cultural area as it was depicted in memoirs and literary works written by Russian migrant writers of the first wave such as B. Zaytsev's novels 'Zhukovsky' and 'Turgenev's Life', I. Shelev's spiritual novel 'God's Ways', and N. Tsurikov's memoirs 'The Past'. So-called Turgenev places are the territories of the Chernsky District of the Tula Province and Mtsensky District of the Oryol Province that are related to the life and creative work of Ivan Turgenev. These texts are analyzed by using the cultural historical analysis and such concepts as 'universal cultural', 'national', 'single' and associated concept of 'the small motherland' as a complex polyfunctional complex. The results of the research demonstrate that the writers view Turgenev places as a cultural symbol of 'the small motherland' associated with such concepts as 'native' and 'national' and at the same time closely related to the image of a writer as a 'Russian European' which made it a guiding symbol for all Russian writers who migrated to the other land. Moreover, the present research extends the existing corpus of researches on Russian migrant literature and the role of Russian migrant literature in preserving the national cultural heritage. For the first time in the academic literature Tishina raises a topic of Turgenev places as the spiritual and cultural area in literary works of the Russian emigre writers which is an important contribution to the modern theory and history of culture. 

Keywords: cultural area, Russian migrant literature, Russian migrant culture, Russian migration community, Russian migration, Tsurikov, Shmelev, Zaytsev, Turgenev places, Turgenev



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