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Tuvan folk costume: problems of examination in the museum space
Ondar Aniela Borisovna

Post-graduate student, the department of Museology, Preservation and Restoration of Historical-Cultural Objects, Kemerovo State Institute of Culture

667011, Russia, respublika Tyva, g. Kyzyl, ul. Bai-Khaakskaya, 2, kv. 212


Examination and preservation of the Tuvan national culture at the present time is one of the relevant directions in the cultural policy of the Tyva Republic and Russian Federation. Analysis of the scientific discourse has determined that the Tuvan culture, particularly the tradition of folk costume, remains insufficiently studied. The article makes an attempt to view the Tuvan ethnographic collections of clothes in the museums of Saint Petersburg, as well as provides the data on the history of formation of such collections and peculiarities of their examination based on the chronological method. The traditional costume complex of Tuvans is considered as a complex cultural phenomenon that contains the dichotomies on the grounds of the material and spiritual. The author substantiates that the authentic objects of historical-cultural heritage in form of the elements of Tuvan costume are retained in the museum collections of Russia, which reflects the modern sociocultural situation with noticeable ruination of the traditional manufacturing technologies of the costume components – clothes, headgear, shoes, and decorative elements, as well as loss of the knowledge on the décor semantics. The article suggests the periodization of formation of the Tuvan ethnographic collections of the late XIX – early XX centuries in the Russian museums that exhibit the elements of costume complex.

Keywords: Shaman headgear, Shaman, museum object, museum, national costume, collecting work, ethnographic collection, Tuvans, Cultural and historical memory, ethnography



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