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"Santa Pace". Views on Nature and Rural Life in Renaissance Venice According to Agricultural Treatises
Yaylenko Evgeny

PhD in Art History

associate professor at Lomonosov Moscow State University

119991, Russia, g. Moscow, ul. Vorob'evy Gory, 1
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The subject of this article is an in-depth examination of the views on nature and rural life prevalent in Venice during the Renaissance era, which was considered moral and worthy of a noble person. The main sources for this work are the agricultural treatises of Agostino Gallo "Ten Days of Real Agriculture and Pleasures of the Villa" (Brescia, 1564) and Giuseppe Falcone "A New, Charming and Pleasant Villa" (Brescia, 1559). The examination of these texts enriches with new information our knowledge regarding the cultural life of the educated Venetians of the 16th century and their daily living habits. The author's research method is based on the extraction of information from agricultural treatises relevant to our study, whose content was closely tied to reality and which inform us of the nature of an important historical source that allows us to reconstruct in general outlines the typical setup of provincial life characteristic of the studied epoch. The research novelty of this study consists in it analyzing the text of agricultural treatises in terms of what advantages were associated with the way of life on an estate, and what values of a moral order were associated with it. Turning to these sources illustrates how they also contain valuable information about the due organization of the living setup in a country villa, reflecting the real practice of living arrangements.

Keywords: Renaissance, Venice, nature, treatise, villa, agricultural, pastime, benefit, landscape, entertainment



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