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Police activity

Controversial issues of improving criminal legislation regulating responsibility for terrorism offences
Shaposhnikov Aleksandr Aleksandrovich

Senior lecturer at the Department of criminal law and criminalistics of Saint Petersburg Military Institute of the National Guard Troops

198206, Russia, g. Sankt_peterburg, ul. Letchika Pilyutova, 1


The research object is particular problems connected with normative legal regulation of counterterrorism activity. The author notes that a range of federal laws and other legal acts have been adopted to regulate counterterrorism activity. In its turn, the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation establishes responsibility for terrorism offences. However, despite a sound legal basis, some problems still exist in this sphere of legal regulation. The methodological base of the research includes system analysis of the current legislation and other legal acts, comparison, classification, and theoretical and legal prognostication. The author concludes that it is necessary to consider the formalization in the Criminal Code of an exact and full list of compositions of especially grave crimes which can infringe on public safety. The conceptual framework of the Criminal Code related to counterterrorism doctrine and other especially grave crimes against the national security, should be brought in line with the terminology and the tendencies of development of criminal responsibility for these crimes formalized in international legal acts.  

Keywords: criminal responsibility, criminal law, legal regulation, criminal law of Russia, responsibility, extremism, legal regulation, counter extremism, counterterrorism, Terrorism



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