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The Involvement of Women of Northern Ossetia in Industrial Production in 1925-1937
Tedeeva Nina Vasil'evna

PhD in History

Associate Professor,  Department of General Humanities and Social Sciences, State Budget Educational Establishment of Higher Education "Northern-Ossetia State Pedagogical Institute"

362048, Russia, respublika Severnaya osetiya - alaniya, g. Vladikavkaz, ul. A. Kadyrova, 4, kv. 15

Dzagurova Natal'ya Khadzhumarovna

PhD in History

Senior Research Associate, V. I. Abaev Northern-Ossetia Institute of the Humanities and Social Studies

362040, Russia, Respublika Severnaya Osetiya - Alaniya, g. Vladikavkaz, pr. Mira, 10



The aim of this article is to examine the role women of Northern Ossetia played in industrial production in the period between 1925-1937. The subject of this research is the policy directed at involving women of Northern Ossetia in industrial production on the basis of a wide range of activities implemented by the government at the time of industrial building. The object of this study is the formation process of the Soviet industry in the region. The choice of the chronological frame is defined by the necessity to encompass the period most representative for understanding the specifics behind the state policy of the Bolsheviks, directed at the assimilation of the forming Soviet space by women-highlanders. The research's methodological base is the historical-genetic method, which has allowed to achieve to the greatest extent the reconstruction of the reality of the examined events and processes. The study is constructed on the principles of historicism and objectivity. The scientific novelty of the research consists of the article's undertaken analysis, based on archival documents and published materials, of the ties between the dynamics of the increase in women workers in industrial enterprises of the region during the examined period and the success of the implemented set of measures on the use of women's labor. The author comes to the conclusion that the undertaken state policy contributed to the involvement of women of Northern Ossetia in industrial production and the creation in the region of a qualified workforce from among women workers, which became massively possible under the conditions of an emerging huge labor shortage.

Keywords: women-highlanders, workers, industrialization, industrial production, factory-plant building, labor, 1925-1937, region of Northern Ossetia, Northern Caucasus, women of Northern Ossetia



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