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The issues of modern Russian system of higher education and ways of their solution to the benefit of all participants of educational process: Part 1
Brovkin Alexander Vladimirovich

PhD in Economics

associate professor of the Department of Accounting, Statistics and Audit at Moscow State Institute of International Relations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia

125364, Russia, g. Moscow, ul. Svobody, 61
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This article emphasizes that the issues of modern Russian higher education cause direct damage to socioeconomic development of the country, thus there is a need for optimization of the system that will consider the interests of all participants of the educational services market. Accent is made on the necessary change in the approach towards understanding of goals of the educational process, tasks of the government and boards of the higher educational facilities. The author analyzes the erroneous and questionable decisions in the field of state policy as a whole, as well as the actions of the boards of the universities at the local level in particular. In the course of this research, the author applied personal organizational-pedagogical experience, methods of analysis and synthesis, information from the open sources, including modern monographs of the national and foreign experts in the area of organization of higher education. The main results are the following: introduction of the concept of “stakeholders of educational process”; determination of six groups of such stakeholders, each one has its own goals, interests, and demands. At the same time, the author indicates that the key problem at the present stage is the disagreement between the knowledge and skills of the university graduates and the requirements of the current job market and innovation economics. Solution of the aforementioned problem lies in the aligning of interests of all groups of stakeholders through identification, analysis, and overcoming of the problems of each group. The author conducted a comprehensive analysis of the first two groups, which allowed formulating a number of conclusions and particular recommendations.

Keywords: teachers, consumers of educational services, quality of education, government, higher education, high school, board, stakeholders of educational process, students, goals of education



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