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Harmonization of the concepts of legislation on the scientific research activity of the Eurasian Economic Union member states as a condition for performance of the market of scientific research work
Pustovalov Evgenii Vladimirovich

Educator, the department of Financial Law, Ural State Law University

620034, Russia, Sverdlovskaya oblast', g. Ekaterinburg, ul. Kolmogorova, 54, kab. 202
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The subject of this research is the provisions of the normative legal acts of the Eurasian Economic Union member (EAEU) states that regulate the scientific research activity, as well as the provisions of the EAEU that maintain the liberalization of services market for the purpose of creating of the unified market for services in the indicated sector alongside other sectors. Particular attention is given to the determination of factors that raise barriers and restrict access for the representatives of the EAEU member states to services within the framework of the sectors of services in the area of research and development and implementation of its results. The author also examines the practice of other integration institutions (EU) and approaches of the international organizations Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). A conclusion is made about the need for harmonization of the conceptual apparatus applied in the legislations of the EAEU member states about the research and development activity, as well as implementation of mechanism aimed at the removal of barriers and restrictions regardless of approval or disapproval of the conceptual equivalence within this sector.

Keywords: liberalization of market, Eurasian Economic Union, market of services, scientific research activity , EEU, harmonization of legislation, unified market, EAEU Court, integration, interpretation of law



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