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Soviet design as a project of a new individual
Maslova Vera

junior researcher at Institute of Philosophy of the Russian Academy of Sciences

119048, Russia, Moscow, Usachev's str., 19a





The subject of this research is the analysis of correlation between Soviet design, including industrial design, textile, architecture, and the idea of projection of a new individual in the context of his perception through the figurative world. The author reveals this topic trough referring to the analysis of evolution of the figurative world. Specificity of this research consists in the examination of design traits in USSR not only in the context of peculiarities of the country’s political and economic development, but also the ideas that affected their emergence. The object of this work is the avant-garde art, which generates the industrial design. Methodology is based on the on the historical-philosophical analysis on one hand, and comparative analysis on the other. Author’s special contribution into this research lies in conduction of cross-disciplinary analysis regarding the formation of the Soviet design, which proves that unlike the foreign design that has emerged with the industrial development, the appearance of design in Russia is directly associated with the avant-garde art. The main conclusion is the consideration of question of why the project of a “new individual” did not see practical implementation, as well as the progressive ideas of Soviet design had not been realized in industrial sector.  

Keywords: light industry, Tatlin, Rodchenko, constructivism, industrial design, new individual, avant-garde, industrial design, Soviet design, Soviet trend



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