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The experience of databases integration of the public opinion survey
Odintsov Alexander Vladimirovich

PhD in Sociology

Docent, the department of Philosophy and Sociology, Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, Volgograd branch

400131, Russia, Volgograd, Gagarina Street 8
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The object of this research is the databases collected in the course of studying the public opinion, the specificity of which lies in the presence of different variables, application of wide range of scales, as well as diverse levels of representativity. The subject of this research is the relational integration of databases of heterogeneous qualitative sociological surveys and possibility of such type of unification. The article provides the gradual procedures of relational integration, results of a specific experiment aimed at verification of data of the procedures, as well as reveals the peculiarities and capabilities of databases integration of mass surveys. The following methods were used: relational integration of database, statistical grouping, correlational analysis, separate elements of intellectual analysis of the data. The author describes the experience of full-scale integration of the data acquired from the diverse sociological research into the single base file with partial properties of ‘BigData’. The article provides the results of the firs-ever within the national practice of experiment aimed at integration of databases of the qualitative sociological surveys, conducted on the basis of various techniques, with application of different measuring procedures.

Keywords: sample surveys, heterogeneous data, opinion poll, correlation analysis, scale, database, relational integration, Small data, Big Data, machine learning



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