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Regarding the Need in a Fuller Criminal Defense of the Right to One's Own Name in the Russian Federation
Mishugis-Beker Grigorii Sergeevich

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680054, Russia, L'va Tolstogo oblast', g. Khabarovsk, ul. Khabarovsk, 46, of. L'va tolstogo


The author of the article covers some issues that may be faced by law-enforcement agencies in the process of determining personal information of individuals who have committed violations of law. At the present time these legal relations are regulated by several articles of The Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. However, there are still a lot of issues that remain unsolved and become evident when the right to one's own name is exercised in the Russian Federation. The author of the article draws our attention to the fact that as a result of a number of objective and subjective reasons, it is not always possible to define personal information of individuals in the Russian Federation. The aforesaid problems are studied by the author using the logical method and systems approach, analysis and synthesis, formal law and comparative law methods. The main conclusion of the research is the author's position that there is a certain need in a better and fuller criminal protection of the right to one's own name by introducing the term 'false identity' into the criminal law sphere. The author also emphasizes the need to legally fix a responsibility for 'false identity' usage when an individual tries to avoid punishment or make the process of justice more complicated. This responsibility should be fixed in The Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. 

Keywords: law, justice, legal studies, Criminal Code, personal information, errors of law-enforcement agencies, fake name, false identity, problem, right to one's own name



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