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Work practices with technical knowledge: epistemological analysis
Yastreb Natalia Andreevna

Doctor of Philosophy

Docent, the department of Philosophy, Vologda State University

160035, Russia, Vologodskaya oblast', g. Vologda, ul. Lenina, 15, of. kafedra filosofii



The subject of this research is the practices of production and application of the technical knowledge that underlay the cognitive situations in the area of modern technologies and undergone substantial changes if compare to the traditional technologies. The main focus falls on the modern technical objects, as well as the specificity of knowledge related to these objects; and transformed compared to the preceding stages of development of the technical knowledge epistemic procedures that occur in the sphere of modern technologies. Special attention is given to examination of the phenomenon of knowledge as an object of technical research. Methodological foundation includes the technical-scientific approach, in the context of which knowledge is viewed in unity of the fundamental and applied aspects, as well as epistemological analysis. The article demonstrates that the most significant transformation of cognitive situation within the modern technical knowledge caused by the progress of modern technologies consists in the fact that the knowledge itself becomes a technical object. Technical knowledge is no more limited by the sphere of design and use of machinery and mechanism, this must be comprehended in a broad sense, as such knowledge that allows obtaining the planned result based in the causal relationships. Cognitive activity in the area of modern technologies is described as a combination of epistemic practices, in other words, methods of work with technical objects aimed at increasing the efficiency of such knowledge that they are structured upon. The author determines the universal for modern technical knowledge epistemic practices of the reverse engineering and cyclic verification.

Keywords: technology, technical object, cyclic verification, reverse engineering, epistemic practice, technical knowledge, epistemology of technology, philosophy of technology, technoscience, epistemology



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