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Legal Regulation of Using Technical Intelligence Equipment in France
Litvinov Ivan Mikhailovich

PhD in Law

Associate Professor at the Department of Copyright and Environmental Law of Dmitry Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology of Russia 

125047, Russia, Moscow, Miusskaya ploshchad', 9, room 601





In 2015 - 2017 the French Republic was shaken by a series of terrorist attacks and hundreds of deaths. Of course, those crimes happened for many reasons including imperfection of the national security system. One of the steps towards improving the national security system was the expansion of competences of the French police and internal intelligence agencies to restrict a constitutional right to personal privacy in France. The methodological basis of the research implies the dialectical research method, systems analysis, formal law and comparative law methods, etc. The novelty of the research is caused by the fact that the author describes a French model of restriction of rights to negotiation secrecy as well as particularities of control over activity performed by special services and law-enforcement agencies in this sphere. The author concludes that presently France practices two mechanisms of restriction of the right to personal privacy, administrative mechanism (interceptions administratives, interceptions de sécurité) and criminal procedure (interceptions judiciaires). Noteworthy that the procedure of administrative seizure and the mechanism of control over using technical intelligence equipment for administrative purposes create grounds for abuse of the law by French law-enforcement agencies and special services because they could interefere with negotiations or talks of any individual disregarding the fact whether there is a proof of his or her implication in a crime. 

Keywords: administrative interception, French Republic, technical intelligence, internal intelligence, counteraction to terrorism, terrorism, national security, national commission, restriction of rights, supervisory authority



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