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The Concept of Security in BRICS in Terms of the English School of International Relations
Eremina Natalia

Doctor of Politics

Docent, the department of European Researches, St. Petersburg State University

191060 Russia, St. Petersburg, Smolnogo Street 1/3, office #8
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The subject of the research is the general concepts of BRICS member-states on security and security means. The author of the article examines the grounds for cooperation between BRICS member-states in the field of security, describes common interests and goals of BRICS countries, current experience in cooperation between BRICS states in the field of security and recommendations on how to increase their efficiency, cooperation of BRICS with other internatinal organizations in the field of security to raise their potential, bilateral cooperation between BRICS member-states in the process of accomplishment of security objectives. The methodology of the research is based on the findings of the English School of International Relations. These findings allow to define not only positions and interests of particular states but also their status within interstate unions at several levels. The key concept in these findings is the concept of the regional security complex which is a union of states that have a similar idea of security and thus are able to cooperate in order to accomplish their security objectives. The conclusions of the research are the following: being a new actor of international relations, BRICS have proved its readiness to set not only local (regional) goals but also those of the global nature; initially, BRICS was created as an international structure based on the compromise and equal partnership which necessarily implies conclusion of a treaty that would satisfy all parties; solving security issues at different levels and in different regions, BRICS paves the way for a multipolar world. The author's contribution to the topic is that the author studies BRICS from the point of view of the English School of International Relations approach. The novelty of the research is caused by the author's choice of a research approach to analyzing BRICS, in particular, from the point of view of the principles of states and regional security complexes positioning. 

Keywords: core states, Eurasian cooperation, multipolar world, SCO, cooperation levels, BRICS, integration union, regional security complex, security, Hierarchy of states



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