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The model of hierarchical indexes of databases with decision making and its comparison with the minimax model
Trub Il'ya

PhD in Technical Science

Senior Software Engineer, Samsung Research Center Ltd.

127018, Russia, Moscow, ul. Dvintsev, 12, of. C



Trub Nataliya

Senior Lecturer, Department of Mathematics, Moscow State University for the Humanities and Economics

107150, Russia, g. Moscow, ul. Losinoostrovskaya, 49



The subject of the study is the concept of hierarchical bitmap-indexes proposed by the authors. In order to improve the processing performance of queries on the time filter, the indices are supported not only for the values of the basic unit of time, but also for arbitrary larger multiple units. The object of the study is to construct a probabilistic model that makes it possible to evaluate the effectiveness of decision making: what bitwise operation to apply at the next level of the hierarchy when constructing the resulting sample is a disjunction or an exclusive OR. The author focuses on justifying the validity of the model and comparing the results with the previously constructed minimax model, in which the decision was made according to a pre-established rule and did not depend on the current state of the system. The methodology of the study is probability theory, methods multicriteria optimization and computational experiment, as well as related methods of intuitive evaluation of the likelihood of the results. Main conclusions of the study: an analytical model of the dynamic selection of an index operation has been constructed and verified; It is shown that the proposed discipline of choice gives higher productivity in comparison with the minimax model and software is developed to obtain a numerical estimate of this difference; a model for estimating the costs of dynamic decision making and a weight function that allows one to evaluate the efficiency of the model with decision making and to choose one of the two models is proposed for this or that choice of weights.

Keywords: multi-criterial optimization, binning, minimax rule, exclusive OR, disjunction, exponential distribution, total probability, random flow of events, hierarchical bitmap-indexes, weighted function



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