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Ethnopedagogical Potential of Adygs Traditional Rituals
Tkhakushinov Aslancherii

Doctor of Sociology

Professor, Acting Member of the Russia Academy of Education, University President, Head of the Department at Maikop State University of Technology

385000, Russia, Respublika Adygeya, g. Maikop, Russia, ul. Pervomaiskaya, 191

Siiukhova Aminet

Doctor of Cultural Studies

Professor of the Department of Philosophy, Social Studies and Pedagogy at Maykop State Technological University

385000, Russia, respublika Adygeya, g. Maikop, ul. Pervomaiskaya, 191





The subject of this research is the ethnopedagogical potential of traditional rituals of the Adygs. The authors of the article prove the importance of reviewing the ethnopegagotical principles within families, small groups and major communities due to the problems that are now arising in contemporary education. Today's education has become more like a service industry which considerably decreases the influence thereof on moral development of students. This makes internal reserves of culture to put on mechanisms that are capable of opposing to entropy processes. One of such principles implies reviewing the ethnopegagogical education principles that are most brightly expressed in traditional rituals. For the purpose described above, the authors of the article analyze the ancient 'chapshch' ritual exercised by the Adygs. This ritual is performed at the bed of a seriously ill or wounded patient. The methodology of the research is based on the interdisciplinary approach that involved analysis of ethnographical data, diachronic method of cultural research, semiotics and social and philosophical analytics. As a conclusion of the research, the authors make an assumption that in the history of the ethnos development, the chapshch ritual had all essential features of a socio-cultural institution, one of such features being the capacity to develop certain standards and patterns of social interaction. The results of the research demonstrate that chapshch served as an ethnopedagogical mechanism of efficient socialization of a young generation and integration thereof into the socio-cultural environment. In the course of the ritual, future adult relations of children and youth developed providing a great range of interaction patterns. 

Keywords: chapshch ritual, ritual of the Adygs, traditional culture, Adygs, ethnopedagogy, spirituality, education as a service, modern education, laughter culture, broadcast of ethnocultural values



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