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TV series Once Upon a Time as an instrument of formation of aesthetic sphere of postmodernism by the means of populore
Rakhimova Maiya Vil'evna

PhD in Philosophy

Docent, the department of Socio-Humanitarian and Psychological-Pedagogical Disciplines, South Ural State Institute of Art named after P. I. Tchaikovsky

454091, Russia, Chelyabinskaya Oblast' oblast', g. Chelyabinsk, ul. Plekhanova, 41





Thus article characterizes the popular culture of the United States and populore as the forms of culture, as well as analyzes the TV series “Once Upon a Time” as one of the instruments of formation of the new cultural codes within the framework of aesthetic sphere of postmodernism. The author draws attention to the specificity of populore closely related with the culture of everyday life and traditional culture. In addition, the author makes an accent of such cultural means of postmodernism, as paradoxicality of reasoning, alternativeness and freedom of aesthetic interpretation of the traditional meanings. The scientific novelty consists in examination of the phenomenon of “populore”, fairly well-known in the Western scientific tradition, analysis of this phenomenon within the current aesthetic-cultural development and perspective, as well as the impact of “populore” upon the establishment of the aesthetic sphere of postmodernism. The author also points at the convergence of the mass Americal everyday- and folk culture using the examples of TV series like “Once Upon a Time” and animated movies like “Shrek”.

Keywords: mass culure, folklore, postmodern, culture code, aesthetic sphere of postmodern culture, populore, popular culture, once upon a time, convergation, interpretation



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