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From honey to Pepsi (problem of metamorphoses in the archaic myth and modern advertising)
Plakhin Vladimir Timofeevich

PhD in History

Docent, the department of Theory and Practice of Journalism, Altai State University

656049, Russia, Altaiskii krai, g. Barnaul, ul. Dimitrova, 66
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Korosteleva Ol'ga Timofeevna

Doctor of Sociology

Professor of the Department of General Social Studies at Altai State University
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The object of this research is the difference between the archaic (primeval) myth and modern commercial advertising, which in foreign and national literature is often interpreted as one of the mythological practices that mystifies the public consciousness. The subject area of this research is the specificity of the provided in these discourses metamorphoses, viewed in terms of the binary opposition “consistency – arbitrariness”. The goal of this work is to identify the indicated peculiarities and demonstrate that they are determined by nature and designation of one or another narration as the historically and functionally defined element of the sociocultural system. For achieving of the set goal, the author applied the comparativist methodology, complemented at the level of advertising semiosis by the methods of semantic and discursive analysis. As a result, it is established that metamorphoses valuable for the myth and advertising relate to the diverse – ontological and structural-semantic dimensions of the discursive realm. If for the classical myth, the conceptual transformations are the subject metamorphoses as such, which reflect its cosmogenic essence, the key idea of advertising is associated with metamorphosis of the trade name of denotative sign to primarily connotative. At the same time, it is demonstrated that unlike the mythological transformations, subordinated to a number of sustainable principles, the connotative explication in advertising has a pronounced arbitrary character.

Keywords: axiology, discourse, connotation, sign, metamorphoses, advertising, myth, convergence, divergence, arbitrariness



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This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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