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The development of Chinese calligraphic tradition in the works of Huang Qi (1914-2005)
Belozerova Vera

Doctor of Art History

professor of the Department of State Administration in the Sphere of Culture and Sport, Faculty of the Higher School for Cultural Policy and Management in the Humanities at Lomonosov Moscow State University

119192, Russia, Moscow, str. Lomonosovsky's Prospect, 27 bld. 4, room No. 207
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The subject of this research is the creative stylistics of the traditionalist direction in modern Chinese calligraphy. The object of this research is the works of the prominent calligraphist Huang Qi (1914-2005, PRC), who was able to retain the ethical and aesthetic valued of calligraphic tradition through the historical cataclysms of the XX century. The goal of this article consists in the analysis of artistic principles that defined the creative work of Huang Qi, as well as characterizing the peculiarities of writing techniques of the maestro in various scripts. Psychotechnique of his creative process is explained through the traditional task of “nurturing life” (yang sheng). The example of the oeuvres created throughout the last two decades of Huang QI’ life demonstrates how the artistic expressiveness of calligraphy is interpreted and complements the content of the written texts. The picturesque scroll of the maestro are notable for calligraphic technique of arm manipulation and calligraphic structure of the picturesque shape, which corresponds with the fundamental for the Chinese visual art tradition principle of the initial unity of these two arts. The art methodology couples with the methods of semiotics, hermeneutics, and culturological analysis. The scientific novelty of the acquired results consists in examination of works of the remarkable representative of traditionalist direction that is yet insufficiently studies in the Western art history. The author reveals the factors of sustainable development of calligraphic tradition during the era of emergency modernization of China’s cultural space in the last quarter of the XX century, which opens the prospect for reconsideration of the importance of avant-garde directions known in the West.

Keywords: gaoang zhenfen, hongwei duanzhuang, jing shen, caoshu, lishu, zhuanshu, kaishu, mingkuai gangjing, xiaosa fengliu, tie ji



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