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Divergence in priority tasks in providing the citizens of the Russian Federation with affordable and comfortable housing in terms of transformation of housing fund
Muftakhova Almira Nurgalievna

Post-graduate student, the department of Social Technologies, The Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, North-Western Institute of Management

191119, Russia, g. Saint Petersburg, ul. Chernyakhovskogo, 6/10, 3 etazh
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Housing sphere is the paramount sphere of social development, which is responsible for satisfying the housing needs. The level of accommodation of such need is one of the main indicators of the development of social system, objective and subjective welfare. This is namely why the problems of development and reform of the housing sphere always remains socially important and acute. Examination of the problems of satisfaction of housing needs, housing stratification and social inequality in housing sphere alongside the contradictions in development of this sphere are essentially just beginning. The author believes that the analysis of contradictory trends in development of the housing sphere will be a substantial contribution into the research of the current Russian housing sphere, as well as formulation of practical recommendations aimed at improvement of housing policy and its implementation. The article emphasized the most significant trends in transformation of housing sphere in the Russian Federation, as well as the discrepancy in the processes of their realization. The author substantiates the need for accounting the positive experience of Western countries regarding the minimization of social inequality in housing sphere. Attention is focused on the presence of inconsistencies in the agenda of State Program “Providing the Citizens of the Russian Federation with Affordable and Comfortable Housing and Utility Services”, the result of which is the limitation of citizens’ right to satisfaction of the housing need.

Keywords: housing policy, hypothec, household, housing construction, housing fund, ensuring with dwelling, housing sphere, housing matter, living conditions, habitat



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