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The Transformation of Ideas Regarding the National Style in the Late Victorian Architecture of Country Houses
Sokolova Mariya Vasil'evna

PhD in Art History

Senior Educator, the department of World History of Art, M. V. Lomonosov Moscow State University

119991, Russia, g. Moscow, Lomonosovskii prospekt, 27, of. 4
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The subject of this article is the architecture of the English country house in the late Victorian era. The author considers the work of major architects of the named era, such as J. Devey, W. Nesfield, R. N. Shaw. The object of this study is the transformation undergone by the idea regarding the national style in the architecture of this time. The author traces the changes in the notion of which monuments of national antiquity became most often a model for imitation and analyzes the method of understanding what constitutes a monument of national heritage in the works of the above-mentioned British architects. The author conducts a detailed art history analysis of the most significant monuments of the British suburban architecture of the studied period and reveals their particularities of style. The author's main conclusions are the constatation of a change in the aesthetic priorities in the British suburban architecture of the period under consideration. Finally, the author demonstrates the interrelation of these processes with the change of the social situation in general: at this time the composition of clients of country houses had significantly changed. It became increasingly made up of representatives of the banking and industrial capital, whose system of values differed significantly from that of the priorities of the old landed aristocracy.

Keywords: local tradition, George Devey, William Eden Nesfield, Richard Norman Shaw, national style, Victorian age, English architecture, country house, vernacular style, façade composition



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