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International Research to Practice Conference “From the Map of the Past to the Map of the Future”
Vladimirov Vladimir

Doctor of History

Professor, the head of document studies, archival studies and historical information science department at Altai State University 

aud. 312, 61, prospekt Lenina, g. Barnaul, Altaiskii krai, Russia, 656049
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Kashaeva Yuliya Anatol'evna

PhD in History

Deputy Director for Science of the State Archive of Perm Krai

614990, Russia, Permskii krai, g. Perm', pr. Komsomol'skii, 29, korpus A, of. 209
P'yankov Sergei Vasil'evich

Doctor of Geography

The Head of Cartography and Geoinformatics Department of Perm State National Research University 

614990, Russia, Permskii krai, g. Perm', ul. Genkelya, 8, of. 309


The article describes the subject matter and significance of the international research to practice conference "From the Map of the Past to the Map of the Future" held on November 29 - December 1, 2017 in Perm. The course of the conference, the topics and the content of the main reports and participants are reviewed. The structure of the conference gets specific consideration. It includes the plenary session, foresight sessions and speaker sessions, problem discussions, open popular science lectures, a practical workshop, etc., thus unleashing the potential of the participants. The research methodology is based on the analysis of topics and issues discussed and on determining the place of the conference in modern scientific discourse. The conference materials are considered from the standpoint of historical geoinformatics which can boast a separate session on the conference schedule. The authors conclude that not only professional conferences are important and useful for historians and other representatives of humanities, but also scientific forums of specialists in the field of modern information technologies. 

Keywords: research, session, history, geoinformatics, cartography, map, conference, analysis, source, technology



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Ot karty proshlogo – k karte budushchego: sb. nauch. tr.: v 3 t. / otv. red. S. V. P'yankov; Perm. gos. nats. issled. un-t. – Perm', 2017. – T.1. – 292 s.; T.2. – 218 s.; T.3 – 170 s.