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Multimodal Art-Technology Psychological and Pedagogical Support of the Process of Interaction of Educational Community Actors
Blinova Yuliya Lorensovna

PhD in Psychology

associate professor of the Department of Tatar Studies and Culture Research at Kazan (Volga Region) Federal University

420021, Russia, respublika Respublika Tatarstan, g. Kazan', ul. Tatarstan, 2, aud. 259


This article is devoted to the problem of psychological and pedagogical support of the process of interaction between educational community actors under new socio-cultural conditions. In her research Blinova examines problems that may arise in the process of interaction between educational community members and that are caused by the changing role of school and teacher in a modern socviety, and difficulties in establishing the contact between school students and adults caused by the 'civilization bareer'. The author of the article also analyzes the phenomenon of transformation of a modern 'parenthood', selection of parental self-efficacy strategies and their influence on the educational process in a Russian school. The author of the articvle describes specific features of implementing multimodal art-technologies (Expressive Arts methods and techniques adjusted to the Russian educational conditions) in the process of psychological and educational interaction. The author of the article also proves the efficiency of multimodal art-technologies as a means of improving the process of interaction between educational community actors (school students, their parents and teachers) through self-analysis and understanding of one's own emotional and behavioral patterns of interaction in the process of creative activity at different imaginary levels, acquisition of new experience in the process of non-verbal communication and extension of the range of communication strategies. The author's special contribution to the topic is the extension of ideas and views on using Expressive Arts methods and techniques in Russian education and enrichment of a set of methods used by a school psychologist. The practical importance of the research is caused by the fact that the author develops a special program of raising a proficiency level of school psychologists which she named 'Psychological and Pedagogical Support of Educational Community Actors in a School Student - Teacher - Parent Triad'. The results of the research and practical implementation of the program proves the program to be efficient. 

Keywords: artistic and creative activity, art, Exspressive Arts, multimodal art-technology, parenthood, educational community, psychological and pedagogical interaction, non verbal Interaction, communication, communication difficulties



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