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The Russian Far East in Geo-Economic Space of the Asia-Pacific Region: Institutional Transformation
Kolomeitseva Natal'ya Andreevna

PhD in Politics

Head of the department of Political Science, Far Eastern Federal University

690922, Russia, Primorsky Krai, Vladivostok, Pos. Ayaks Street 10, office # D545
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Kolomeitsev Yurii Yur'evich

Director of the Center of Social Innovations "the Black cube"

690003, Russia, Primorskii krai, g. Vladivostok, ul. Verkhneportovaya, 38, of. 307


The subject of this study is the institutional transformation of Russia’s activity in political and economic space of the Asia-Pacific region. The author highlights the factors that hamper the process of integration of Russia into the Asia-Pacific region and, along with them, the aspects of the Federal "Eastern" policy that refract the negative trends of the foreign policy of the State in this area. The number of international forums organized by the Russian side over the past five years is marked as one of the variables of the institutional transformation. The analysis showed that the peak of activation of the "Eastern" foreign policy vector of the Russian Federation comes at a time of the drastic decline in inter-state relations in the "Western" direction. The article uses an extensive primary material selected by the researcher from various sources, which serves as the basis for the system approach with a view to determine the format of the ongoing transformation of the foreign policy vector of the Russian Federation. The author of the study presents several contradictory trends in the process of Russia's integration into the Asia-Pacific region and analyzes the institutions created by Russia and the countries and organizations of the Asia-Pacific region which contribute to entry of the Russian Federation to the largest markets of the fast developing and most populated world region. The article concludes on the changing role of Russia in geo-economic space of the Asia-Pacific region. 

Keywords: regional policy, federal policy, Russian Far East, processes, institutes, foreign policy, Asia Pacific, forums, international cooperation, international integration



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