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Consideration of the impact of airport in the city development planning of the near-airport zones of the largest cities
Veretennikova Kseniia

Post-graduate student, Assistant, the department of City Development, Saint-Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering

190005, Russia, Sankt-Peterburg, g. Saint Petersburg, ul. 2 Krasnoarmeiskaya, 4, kab. 308A





This article is dedicated to the problem of the limited consideration of the impact of airport upon the surrounding territories in preparation of city development documentation in Russia. The object of this research is the near-airport territories of the largest cities, while the subject is their city development regulation. The article analyzed the factors and consequences of urbanization of the territories located near airports. Attention is turned to the fact that currently the documentation on regulation of such territories has a strictly technical orientation that neglects the city-forming potential of an airport. It is underlined that in Russia airport is typically considered as transport object and the source of negative effect on the surrounding areas, which is reflected in preparation of documentation. The described issues are viewed on the example of the near-airport territory of Pulkovo International Airport in Saint Petersburg. In the course of this study the author applies the methods of city development analysis, systematization, comparison of the national and foreign experience of development of the near-airport territories. A hypothesis is proposed that the cause of the emerging transport and social issues in the near-airport territory lies in the lack of consonance in the process of planning that leads to the irrational use of territorial resources, transport infrastructure, as well as degradation of natural carcass. The article proves the need for coordinated strategic planning of the near-airport territories, provides a list of instruments that encourage achieving the set goals.

Keywords: urban planning documentation, territorial planning, urban planning regulation, land use, strategic planning, airport environs, airport, integrated development, airport development zone, airport master planning



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This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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