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Public Health Services in the Cities of Karakalpakstan in the Early 1960s Late 1980s
Seydametova Gulnara Utarbaevna

PhD Candidate, Department of History of Uzbekistan and Karakalpakstan, Berdakh Karakalpaksky State University

230100, Uzbekistan, respublika Karakalpakstan, g. Nukus, 23 mikroraion, d. 1/23, kv. 33





The article is focused on one of the most important topics in studying the everyday life of an urban population: the establishment of medical services. Based on a scientific analysis, the practice of organizing public health care in the Republic of Karakalpakstan is summarized, and the author also identifies the periods of its development, the regularities and particularities of each period. In particular, the author examines the regional characteristics of the establishment of medical care in the state period, the 1960s –1980s, in the cities of Karakalpakstan. The article contains a description of the statistical dynamics of the population's health and health indicators and illustrates how they were influenced by the economic and political changes in the studied period. Furthermore, this work is based on the principles of a critical interpretation of sources, systematization and comparative analysis of data. The author's methodology is based on local sources. The use of the local approach entails a focus on the development of public health issues of a particular region, in this case, Karakalpakstan, in the specified period. The scientific novelty of this study lies in the fact that it analyzes for the first time in Russian historiography the history of medical services in Karakalpakstan from the 1960s to the 1980s, based on an examination of archival and statistical data. On the basis of detailed statistics, the author considers the main difficulties behind the establishment of public health services in the region, as well as the prospects for its improvement in Karakalpakstan.

Keywords: healthcare development, health, morbidity, hospitals, Health care, doctors, Karakalpakstan, medical service, medicine, population



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