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Economic security in the context of protection of public investments in the securities market
Kulikova Elena Ivanovna

PhD in Economics

Docent, the department of Financial Markets and Banks, Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation

125993, Russia, g. Moscow, ul. Leningradskii Prospekt, 49
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The main idea of the development of the Russian financial market has always been the attraction of foreign investor into the Russian economy. However, in the conditions of rigid political confrontation and external financial constraints the problem of the development of financing mechanisms necessary for attracting investments into the economy becomes extremely acute. Therefore, the intensification of attention of the government authorities towards creation of the domestic investor is fairly justified. The subject of this research is the financial mechanisms and instruments for private investors that allow diversifying the citizens’ sources of income, while the goal lies in analyzing the investors’ protection system at the Russian financial market and determining whether the configuration of this system meets the current requirements from the perspective of ensuring economic security of the citizens. The main conclusion consists in the fact that the systemic approach to improving the protection mechanism of private investor leads to multiplication of domestic investors at the Russian securities market, including the Russian regions. The scientific novelty is defined by substantiation of the need for expanding the range of financial instruments for private investors through implementation of the product with various characteristic for increasing the accessibility of investment instruments for different categories of the Russian citizens.

Keywords: compensation funds, Federal loan bonds, individual investment accounts, financial instruments, investment mechanisms, private investor, financial market, economic security, state guarantees, client's investment profile



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