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Grounds of Border Guards Activities at the Levels of State and Region (the Case Study of the USA Border Guards)
Shumov Vladislav Vyacheslavovich

PhD in Technical Science

professor of the Department of Borderline Studies at International Academy of Information System Development

125040, Russia, g. Moscow, Leningradskii prospekt, 3/5

Girnik Evgenii Sergeevich

Postgraduate at the International Informatization Academy 

125040, Russia, Moscow, Leningradskii Prospekt, 3/5





The subject of the research is the grounds of border guards activities at the levels of state and region. The most important objective of national borderline policy should be generalization of international experience and use of this experience in Russia's practice. The authors of the article focus on such issues as the principles of distribution of limited borderline resources among regions and districs as well as development of mechanisms for grounding activities of border guards (concentration of the main and auxiliary efforts). To achieve this task, the authors have applied approaches described in the theory of borderline security, methods of mathematical statistics and borderline statistics. The scientific novelty of the research is caused by the importance of prevention of terrorism, drug smuggling and illegal migration. Taking into account the limited nature of human, material and financial resources, the authors of the article develop their own mathematical model for substantiation of border guards activities and verify it using statistical data about the results of the USA border guards. 

Keywords: regions, justification, border guards, border states, border statistics, model, function, frontier, area of responsibility, technique



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