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The Consequences of Recognition of Abkhazia's Independence by the Russian Federation for Turkey-Abkhazia Relations
Vardan Ghaplanyan

Post-graduate Student, Department of Turkology, Yerevan State University

0020, Armeniya, g. Yerevan, ul. Nor Nork 8th, RA, Yerevan, Nor Nork 8th massive 8/11





The Object of study is a comparative analysis of Turkey-Abkhazia relations before and after recognition of the independence of Abkhazia by the Russian Federation. The aim of the article is a study of the influence of the new policy adopted by the Russian Federation in the Abkhazian conflict on Turkey-Abkhazia relations. As a result of these changes, official Ankara faced new reality in the region, although during the Georgian-Abkhaz war and after it Ankara managed to take a decisive position in the life of the new independent Abkhaz state. The analysis will focus mainly on bilateral economic relations and the revision of Turkey's policy towards Abkhazia. To study the above objects the scientific research was based on the principles of historicism and scientific objectivity. In the course of study we used a method of comparative analysis of historical events which influenced the topic of the scientific work. The novelty of the scientific research lies in exposure of the positive and negative changes in Turkey-Abkhazia relations that occurred after the “five-day war” in August and recognition of the independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia by the Russian Federation. After these events the role of Moscow that became the main guarantor of security, a partner and an ally of the Abkhaz state, sharply increased in bilateral relations between Ankara and Sukhumi.

Keywords: GeorgianTurkish relations, Abkhazian diaspora, Transcaucasia, AbkhazGeorgian conflict, War in Abkhazia, AbkhaziaTurkey relations, Russian Federation, RussiaTurkey relations, Turkey, Abkhazia



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This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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