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Change of status of the serfs of Kaluga Province in 1859-1862 in the context of implementation of the Serfdom Abolishment Manifesto
Azarenko Inna Sergeevna

Senior Educator, the department of History and Philosophy, Kaluga Branch of Bauman Moscow State Technical University

248000, Russia, Kaluzhskaya oblast', g. Kaluga, ul. Bazhenova, 2



The object of this research is the aspects of socioeconomic status of peasants in the Russian Empire in second half of the XIX century until the adoption of Emancipation Manifesto of 1861 and as a result of its implementation. The subject of this research is the peculiarities of the change of status of the serfs in Kaluga Province in 1859-1862 due to the Emancipation Reform. Based on the studied materials, the author provides the data on peasants’ life until the reform of 1861 and specificities of their dependent status. The author examines the specificity of conversion of peasants in Kaluga Province into the status of the temporary obliged; as well as analyzed the precise examples of conflict situations emerging in the post-reform period between peasants and landowners in the region. The scientific novelty lies in analysis of the previously unused archival documents from the State Archive of Kaluga Oblast that allowed considering the new factual material regarding the status of serfs in Kaluga Province during the indicated timeframe. A conclusion is made about the insignificant changes of serfs’ status with proclamation of the Manifesto of 1861, which mostly affected the civic-legal status rather than land relations. It is determined that in overall discontent with the terms of liberation, the declaration of the provisions of peasant reformed was met by the peasants loyally due to the mediate policy of the governor general of Kaluga Province V. A. Artsimovich

Keywords: serfs, document, landlord, Kaluga province, Alexander II, situation, Manifesto, the temporarily dependent peasants, reform, duties



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