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Application of Different Procedural and Institutional Means of Law and State Discipline Enforcement Applied by State Fire Supervision of Emercom of Russia
Antipov Evgeny Gennad'evich

senior lecturer of the Department of Human Resourcing, Legal and Psychological Groundwork at Academy of State Fire-Fighting Service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia

129336, Russia, g. Moscow, ul. Borisa Galushkina, 5


The aim of this research is to analyze federal laws, regulatory and local acts of Emercom of Russia that regulate organization and performance of control (supervisory) activity of state fire supervision of Emercom of Russia aimed at prevention, detection and restraint of violations of requirements set forth by the Russian Federation fire protection law. The target of the research is to carry out a theoretical legal analysis of different means of law and state discipline enforcement applied by a designated federal authority. In the course of his research Antipov has applied methods of theoretical and comparative law analysis. The novelty of the research is caused by the fact that the author carries out a theoretical legal analysis of the process of law and state discipline enforcement performed by state fire supervision of Emercom of Russia as part of state control, state supervision and state control supervisory activity. As a result of his research, Antipov concludes that current activity of state fire supervision of Emercom of Russia is performed through control supervisory means but not only supervisory means of law and state discipline enforcement. Consequently, the authority itself is a control supervisory one. Theoretical provisions and practical recommendations offered by the author of this article may contribute to the development of administrative law and science and used for the purpose of improving the legal basis that regulates organization and performance of state fire supervision by Emercom of Russia. 

Keywords: federal fire service, fire safety, Emercom of Russia, state fire supervision, control and supervising activity, state supervision, state control, discipline, legality, Organizational and legal ways



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