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International relations

East African Community. Successes and Failures of Regional Integration
Dolgov Kirill Dmitrievich

post-graduate, Institute for African Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences

123001, Russia, Moscow, Spiridonovka St., 30/1
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The subject of research in this article is the East African Community (EAC). To date, the Community is represented by six countries: Burundi, Rwanda, South Sudan, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania. The focus of the article is on determining the trend of both economic and political integration after the countries gained state sovereignty. Also, emphasis was placed on the intensity of this tendency manifestation at different stages of the evolution of the commonwealth and the prospect of achieving the political unity of these countries within the borders of a federal state. Based on the principle of historicism and using the method of historical reconstruction, the author identifies the main determinants of integration processes in East Africa. The author also identifies factors hindering the formation of a federation and the formation of a new subject of international law in this region. The application of this method allowed to make a valid conclusion that the formation of a sovereign federal state based on the existing regional economic alliance (EAC) will be hampered, first of all, by the currently manifested and potential tribal and religious conflicts in East African countries. Also, the formation of a federal state is hampered by sociocultural, primarily linguistic heterogeneity and insatiable ambitions of the heads of state and political elites.

Keywords: Federal state, South Sudan, Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, East African Community, Africa, Economic integration



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