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The legacy of deconstructivism
Kirichkov Igor'

Doctoral Candidate, the department of Long Span Structures, Harbin Polytechnic University

150090, China, Heilongjiang Province, Harbin, Huanghe Street 73, office #412
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The process of architectural morphogenesis remains far from being completed. This article considers the phenomenon of deconstructivism, its evolution in Russia and worldwide, current state of the objects of deconstructivism, peculiarities of their preservation, and people's perception. It is expected that this work will allow to more precisely determine the role and importance of the objects of deconstructivism from the perspective of evolution of the world culture, as well as form a clearer position regarding their protection. Relevance of the article is substantiated primarily by the lack of accurate approaches towards solution of the problems associated with the preservation of architectural environment. The research method is  defined by the analysis of deconstructivist objects in terms of granting them a status of cultural heritage, as well as the analysis of opinions of the experts in the area of architecture. The great majority of buildings, designed in accordance with the concepts of deconstructivism, are unique in its kind, as well as contain the spatial planning, structural, and urban development solutions. The author underlines that the current condition of some of the deconstructivist objects causes a severe concern. The history of world architecture knows multiple examples of the loss of cultural objects, which were not referred to the list of the objects of cultural heritage for various reasons.

Keywords: structural solutions, aesthetic expressiveness, architectural memorial, environment design, cultural heritage protection, morphogenesis, deconstructivism, technical innovations, architectural psychology, space perception



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