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Models of social integration of the example of Anastasian ecovillages “Slavnoye” and “Kovcheg”
Demidova Yuliya

Post-graduate student, the department of Ethnology, M. V. Lomonosov Moscow State University

119192, Russia, Non-Us/non-Canadian oblast', g. Moscow, ul. Lomonosovskiy Prospect, 27, k.4


The focus of this research is the uniting motives and their implementation in the aforementioned communities. The work is based on the hypothesis about the existence of the established collectivism in Anastasian communities. On one hand, it was formed by the common ideological field of Anastasianism, while on the other – the problem of spatial social remoteness of the material and social resources of a city, which served as motivation for integration of the former residents as the ideological congregations. The process of “unification” leans on the demarcation of common interests and practices of the collective mutualism. The key method is the in-depth interview. The author also applied the method on nonrandom sample, snowball sampling – the selection of respondents in accordance with the references of local residents. The material presents interest due to the abundance of field observation in fairly close communities of present time, as well as provides an idea about the actual relationship between its members. Ecovillages “Slavnoye” and “Kovcheg”, in essence, are the communities of collective type, uniting people with various religious preferences. Many of them are the adherers of the New Age movement, while others self-identify themselves outside the ideological context. They see their belonging in sharing the universal human values: neighborliness, ban of abusive language and alcohol, property insurance, healthy eating, obtainment of personal freedom from the imposed city stereotypes. In general, the integrative models are based on the practical mutual help of the community members, financial self-sufficiency (carrying out of holiday events, festivals, joint labor artels), as well as religious and leisure practices. However, even within the ideological commonwealth, exists and opinion about the lack of societality despite the common behavioral norms, as well as sharing of responsibilities and single cultural orientation.

Keywords: leisure activities, over-ethnicity, ideologic community, cohesion, social solitude, rural homesteading, collectivism, ecovillage, cultural reconstruction, community



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