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The evolution of military-formation repertoire of the Russian military orchestras in the Soviet postwar period (1945-1985)
Malyutin Anton Sergeevich

adjunct at Military University

123001, Russia, Moskovskaya oblast', g. Moscow, ul. B. Sadovaya, 14 VU
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The object of this research is the representatives of the Russian musical art – military wind orchestras. The goal is the examination of the problem of establishment of the military-formation repertoire of Russian military orchestra during the war and postwar periods of USSR (1945-1985) in historical-cultural context. Relevance of the article consists in revelation of common peculiarities and principles of the repertoire selection, as well as its future transformations and development. The author gives evaluation to the role of Soviet composers in evolution of the national march music of the indicated timeframe. Analysis of the problem is conducted through the prism of historical events, quantitative-qualitative characteristics of the compositions of military-formation repertoire. Such analysis is necessary for the more complete understanding of the factors that formed the repertoire of the national military orchestras in the postwar time (1945-1985). Author’s special contribution lies in consideration of the characteristic examples of compositions for the military orchestras that relate to one or another time segment from the artistic and compositional-technical perspectives. In conclusion, the author underlines the broadening of composer work towards expansion and enrichment of the repertoire of military orchestras in postwar time.

Keywords: creative heritage, the evolution of the genre, marching creativity, military band, domestic marches, national music, a massive song, military music, repertoire, soviet composers



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