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On Building the Theory of Questioning
Rozin Vadim Markovich

Doctor of Philosophy

Chief Researcher at Institute of Philosophy of the Russian Academy of Sciences 

119991, Russia, Moscow, str. Volkhonka, 14
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In his article Rozin describes the first stage of building the theory of questioning. The author's theory is based on the differentiation between pre-personal and personal questions as he described in his previous article. Rozin makes a statement that questioning is not a complete process because it only sets the 'sphere of questioning' as a special experience of a collective action and 'questioning communication'. Rozin analyzes three cases (Socratic questioning in Plato's works, questioning in St. Augustine's 'Confessiones' and questions asked by an investigator). Analysis of these three cases has allowed to describe the sphere of questioning and questioning communication as new concepts. In particular, in terms to questioning communicaiton, the author suggests to differentiate between the situation of questioning and process of questioning. In his research Rozin has used the following methodologies: problem statement, case analysis, construction of ideal objects and concepts that describe them, and typological description. As a result, Rozin outlines the methodological program of buildig the theory of questioning. He also differentiates between the terms 'the sphere of questioning' and 'questioning communication' and to describe the first characteristics of questions based on the analysis of three cases (Socratic questioning in Plato's works, questioning in St. Augustine's 'Confessiones' and questions asked by an investigator). 

Keywords: whole, understanding, thinking, practice, communication, answer, question, concept, system, theory



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