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Uncovering the Mystery of Turk Music. The Review of Saule Utegalieva's Monograph 'The World of Sound of Turk Music: Theory, History, and Practice' (the Case Study of Instrumental Music Traditions of the Central Asia'
Sokolova Alla Nikolaevna

Doctor of Art History

Professor, the department of Theory, History of Music and Methods of Music Education, Adyghe State University

385008, Russia, the Republic of Adygea, Maykop, Pervomaiskaya Street 208, office #14
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This is the review of a monograph written by a Soviet Kazakhstan academic writer and Doctor of Arts Saule Utegalieva 'The World of Sound of Turk Music: Theory, History, and Practice' (the Case Study of Instrumental Music Traditions of the Central Asia' pulished in Moscow by the Composer Publishing. In her review Sokolova underlines the importance of this 30-year research that covered a major layer of instrumental music cultures of Central Asian Turk nations and revealed in-depth features of instrumental sound. From inside the culture, the author of the monograph explains conceptual and axiological meanings of Turk sound timbres and demonstrates the integrity of Turk world of sound both horizontally (in relation to different Turk nations), vertically (using the same principles of making sound by different musical instruments) and diagonally (construction of a musical form of an instrumental music composition). To write the review, Sokolova has applied the method of critical analysis and principles of hermeneutics to interpret the origin of particular ideas represented by the author of the monograph. The monograph was published in Moscow in 2013 but has not been presented to the general Russian reader. This review is intended not only to attract attention to a serious research of Saule Utegalieva but also outline the most nettlesome problems of modern instrumental music research. In addition, taking into account the new cultural policy of Kazakhstan and adoption of Latin alphabet by Kazakhs Russian-Kazakhstan research communication has very little chance. Saule Utegalieva's research is one of the recent fundamental researches devoted to traditional music that has been published in Russia.  

Keywords: kobyz, dombra, chordophones, music of Central Asia, instrumental music, Turks, Utegalieva, phenomenon of sound, Saule, properties of musical sound



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Muzykal'nyi entsiklopedicheskii slovar'. M.: Sov. Entsiklopediya. Muzyka, 1990. Elektronnaya versiya //