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Ethnocultural archetype of Dagestan people
Dzhabrailova Asiyat Shamil'evna

Post-graduate student, the department of Theory and History of Religion and Culture, Dagestan State University

367000, Russia, respublika Dagestan, g. Makhachkala, ul. Gadzhieva, 43 a





The analysis of ethnocultures of polyethnic regions is especially relevant in terms of global unification and technologization of culture. Social conditions are characterized by the rapid change of decorations, which is a trial for the traditional ethnocultures. The article makes an attempt of cultural-philosophical contemplation of the basic constructs of Dagestan ethnoculture, named by the author as ethnocultural archetypes. A ethnocultural archetype implies the morphogenic element of the culture of ethnos that is responsible for the specificity of religious life, world perception, self-determination of an individual and his attitude to other members of the ethnos. The application of mythological material for finding the profound imaged leans on the comparative methods that allowed identifying the most specific shades. The introduction of such term as the ethnocultural archetype of Gorz gives a general outlook upon the disparate studies on the tradition, symbolics and art, as well as suggests a possibility of systemic view, in terms of which ethnoculture correlates with the in-depth factor of the cultural unconscious. Archetype manifests as a generalizing factor, as well as an instrument of systemic analysis.

Keywords: narts, epic, mythology, archetype, Caucasus, highlander, Dagestan, ethnoculture, hero, warrior



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