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The role of the higher school in formation of the fourth industrial revolution in Russia
Elshin Leonid Alekseevich

PhD in Economics

senior researcher at Center for Strategic Assessment and Forecasts of the Institute of Management, Economics and Finance, Kazan Federal University

420139, Russia, respublika Tatarstan, g. Kazan', ul. Ostrovskogo, 23/1



Safiullin Marat Rashitovich

Doctor of Economics

Prorector on the Issues of Economic and Strategic Development, Kazan Federal University

420111, Russia, respublika Tatarstan, g. Kazan', ul. Ostrovskogo, 23



The subject of this research the analysis of compliance of the established system of higher education with the potential transition of the Russian economy into the phase of the fourth industrial revolution. The author pattern the long-term economic cycles of national economy, based on which conduct the analysis of cornerstone factors that generate its phase shifts. The implemented assessments, based on the methods of economic and mathematical modelling, allowed determining the prospects and time horizons in transition of the Russian economy onto the track of the fourth industrial revolution, carrying out a factor analysis and revealing the role of the higher school within the system of subsequent generating transformation. The authors were able to identify the focal problems in the Russian system of higher education from the perspective of the rates and quality of the development of Russian economy in accordance with the newly emerging global principles and mechanisms of economic growth. The scientific novelty lies in the formulated conceptual approach towards determining the key directions in development of the higher school, considering the global trends in transformation of the reproduction processes and anticipated phases of economic transformations in the national economic system. In conclusion, it is argued that the development of scientific research potential within the modern Russian economy explicitly demonstrates the change in descending trends during the period from 1996 to 2002.

Keywords: research potential of economy, component analysis, system problems, scientific and technological development, role of the Russian higher education institutions, long-term business cycle, the higher school, the fourth industrial revolution, quality of economic growth, calls of future transformations



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