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The traditional field of functionality of the regional higher school and the formulation paradigm of its development (on the materials of the Republic of Tatarstan)
Elshin Leonid Alekseevich

PhD in Economics

senior researcher at Center for Strategic Assessment and Forecasts of the Institute of Management, Economics and Finance, Kazan Federal University

420139, Russia, respublika Tatarstan, g. Kazan', ul. Ostrovskogo, 23/1



Safiullin Marat Rashitovich

Doctor of Economics

Prorector on the Issues of Economic and Strategic Development, Kazan Federal University

420111, Russia, respublika Tatarstan, g. Kazan', ul. Ostrovskogo, 23



The subject of this research is the analysis of paradigm of the development of higher education in the Russian Federation within the system of regional field and its compliance with the current and long-range requirements of the forming innovation landscape. Attention is focused on comprehension of the educational potential of regional systems and determination of the path of financial and information flows in the area of science and higher education, considering the regional specificity of traditional field of functionality of the higher school and the peculiarities of organizational-economic development of the territorial systems. The authors use the personal experience in analyzing and assessing the instruments and mechanisms of development of the educational environment, as well as the methods of generalization, descriptive analysis and synthesis of the academic information resources, including the works of the foreign and national experts regarding the problems of development of the system of higher education. The main results lie in the scientifically substantiated conclusions that the process of reprogramming of educational environment in the Russian Federation must be based in the establishment of technology of the constant renewal of learning courses, which minimizes their lagging in response to the transformations of realities of the science itself and the innovation environment of the national and global levels. Leaning on the established system of evolutionary development of educational environment, the author develops a general picture of the regional innovation landscape that requires adjustment and contribute to the solution of relevant issues in the area of stimulating innovations in the regions.

Keywords: reprogramming of educational space, consulting of fundamental disciplines, educational and methodical schemes, regional innovative landscape, reproduction of innovations, The higher school, schools of sciences, strategic development of the region, innovative activity, regional development



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