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Modern Theoretical Questions of Historical Sciences
Khvostova Kseniya Vladimirovna

Doctor of History

Senior Research Associate, Institute of World History of the Russian Academy of Sciences

119334, Russia, g. Moscow, ul. Leninskii Prospekt, 32a, of. Institut vseobshchei istorii RAN



This article examines the specific features of historical sciences as a topic concerning the interrelation of logical knowledge and intuitive knowledge. The author analyzes various types of convergences of historical and natural science knowledge within the framework of synergetics. The article sets the goal to demonstrate the limits of the applicability of synergetics in historical research. The historical methods applied to this examination include the study of hermeneutics, the reconstruction of motivational, semantic, axiological and aim-orienting factors of self-realization of the person of the past. The author notes the role of Postmodernism in the substantiation of the historical sciences. The author refers to her own personal research practice and illustrates the features of historical transdisciplinarity with examples from Byzantine history. The author focuses her attention to the specific features of historical sciences linked to the role of the narrative and historical events. Additionally, the author considers the limited role in historiography of modern scientific Constructivism. The author furthermore studies the difference between the role of induction in historical and natural sciences. Contrary to the well-known fact that induction in natural sciences does not lead to general conclusions, the author tries to show the significance of induction in historical studies, limited chronotopes of the past. The author examines the differences between the concepts of a long and short historical time and considers the concept of "kairos" used in the framework of ancient and Byzantine cultures. Finally, the author gives a characterization of the role of the concept of "kairos" in modern scientific practices. In the conclusion of the article, the author tries to determine the place of historical sciences in the system of modern scientific knowledge.

Keywords: short historical time, kairos, long historical time, constructivism, historical narrative, transdisciplinarity, synergetic, induction, postmodernism, intuitive knowledge



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