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Theory-graph formalization of some analytical problems arising during the investigation of crimes
Toropov Boris Andreevich

PhD in Technical Science

Associate Professor at the IT Department of the Academy of Management of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation

125171, Russia, g. Moscow, ul. Z.i A. Kosmodem'yanskikh, 8





The object of the research are certain analytical tasks that arise before the subjects of the investigation of crimes related to the establishment of interrelations between the defendants of the crime and the circumstances of its commission, such as date, time, place, etc. The subject of the study is a formal formulation of these problems, based on elements of graph theory. Hypothetically, the received formal notations of analytical problems will allow to increase the level of automation of analytical work on the investigation of crimes. The author pays attention to the issues of mapping the data available to the analyst as a graph with subsequent formalization of the facts to be ascertained. The research methodology consists of the fundamentals of graph theory, elements of matrix theory, as well as general scientific methods of analysis and synthesis. The main results of the study are formalized statements of analytical problems arising during the investigation of crimes, such as: the establishment among the members of the organization of the person with the greatest number of contacts; the identification of the person connected with the greatest number of circumstances; the establishment of an indirect link between persons through available information on the circumstances of the crimes committed.

Keywords: adjacency matrix, crime investigation, formalization, bipartite graph, Graph theory, data analysis, walk, directed graph, node, edge



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