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Artistic and Empiric Content of Pavel Greyser's Artwork in Terms of Developing the Crimean Mentality of Culture
Zolotukhina Natal'ya Anatol'evna

PhD in Cultural Studies

Associate Professor of the Department of Applied Arts and Crafts at Crimean University of Engineering and Teaching

295024, Russia, respublika Krym, g. Simferopol', ul. 2-Oi gvardeiskoi armii, 7, kv. 3



The object of the research is the artistic and empiric content of the Crimean mentality of culture. The subject of the research is the applied and decorative arts and monumental artwork of a modern artist Pavel Greyser. Mentality represented by his artwork influences the development of the aesthetical image of Crimea. In her research Zolotukhina defines Greyser's artwork as a representation of the basic beliefs of Crimea of the mid - late 20th century and may be of interest to those researchers who study the modern state of an artistic life of a region. The research is based on one of the applied methods of cultural research, philosophical art analysis allowing to objectively define features of the artist's creativity in general by studying particular pieces of his artwork. This method has demonstrated that hidden invariant images of the artist determined his typical concept of the fixation on natural landscapes and mixture of techniques. In addition, the researcher has used the semiotic method as well as the methods of artwork description and analysis. Pavel Greyser's creative works have never been studied before which makes the novelty of the present research. Zolotukhina analyzes stylistic peculiarities of Greyser's artwork as artistic texts that carry a semiotic meaning. Taking into account that in her article Zolotukhina describes only part of Greyser's creative legacy, there is a need in further researches of visual arts created by Pavel Greyser: fine arts, graphic arts and wall painting. 

Keywords: artistic text, romanticism, creation, form, mindset, aesthetic concept, Pavel Greyser, analysis, the form, artist



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