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Genesis: Historical research

Portrait of a high official of the second half of XVIII – first quarter of XIX century (on the example of I. V. Lopukhin and I. P. Yelagin
Vasil'eva Yuliya Sergeevna

PhD in History

Docent, the department of Linguistics, Cross-cultural Communication, and Russian as Foreign Language, Samara State Technical University

443100, Russia, Samarskaya oblast', g. Samara, ul. Molodogvardeiskaya, 194, of. 507v
Biryukova Anna Borisovna

PhD in History

Docent, the department of Sociology, Political Science and Russian History, Samara State Technical University

443100, Russia, Samarskaya oblast', g. Samara, ul. Molodogvardeiskaya, 244


The officialdom has always played a big role in social life of the Russian Empire. Russian bureaucracy greatly affected the political and economic development of the country, and over the recent decades drew attention of the national and foreign historians. The subject of this research is the characteristic personal and behavioral features of the highest officialdom of the Age of Enlightenment. The article attempts to create a composite image of high official of the second half of XVIII – first quarter of XIX century on the example of the prominent representatives of the era Ivan Vladimirovich Lopukhin and Ivan Perfilievich Yelagin. The scientific novelty consists in examination and analysis of the personal qualities and political activity of the distinguished representatives of highest officialdom of the indicated timeframe. The demonstrated example prove that the representative of authority were educated and well-rounded individuals with multiple talents, who diligently carried out their duties and cared about the welfare of the state.

Keywords: order, official, enlighteners, Enlightment, masonry, service, nobility, senator, state, charity



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