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The Liberal Intergovernmental Approach in the Context of Modern Regional Studies by the example of Latin America
Chebotarev Yurii Anatolyevich

Post-graduate student, the department of Applied Analysis of International Problems, Moscow State Institute of International Relations is an academic institution of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia

109383, Russia, g. Moscow, ul. Shosseinaya, 39 k.1, kv. 13
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The present article explores the theoretical basis of modern regional studies and comparative integration. The article covers the formation of existing integration theories and their peculiar features; fixes the historical dominant of Western European experience in the process of integration theories creation. The author marks out the fundamental differences between the context of Western European integration and regional processes in most other regions of the world; gives a brief description of the liberal intergovernmental approach, its origins, history, and circumstances of its development, and the reasons for its wide applicability. As an example, the article appeals to the experience of regional initiatives of Latin America, their specificity and fundamental principles of functioning, their difference from Western European practice and compliance of Latin American experience with the hypotheses of the liberal intergovernmental approach, explicableness of modern phenomena of Latin American regionalism on its basis. The author draws a conclusion as for applicability of the Liberal Intergovernmental Approach in modern studies of regional organizations as a basic theoretical approach, makes assumptions about its perspective further adaptation, highlights relevance of this direction as well as the theoretical work necessary to understand and systematize the experience of practical research and regional specifics.

Keywords: integration, liberal intergovernmental approach, integration theory, new regionalism, regionalism, comparative integration, Latin America, historical dominant, Latin American experience, regional specificity



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