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Changing Russia and Changing Bondiana: the Country and People in the Eye of Media Franchise (1962 - 2015)
Osipov Sergey

PhD in History

Docent, the department of History and Culture, Ulyanovsk Sate Technical University

432000, Russia, g. Ul'yanovsk, ul. Severnyi Venets, 32, of. 317





The subject of the research is the changing image of the USSR / Russia as it has been reflected by the popular media franchise about James Bond during the period since 1962 till 2015. In his research Osipov traces back the intensity, viability and particularities of using Soviet / Russian themes over 50 years in terms of developing relations between the USSR / Russia and the West including political, social, cultural and other features. Osipov describes different periods of mentioning the Soviet Union / Russia in the movies about James Bond, with a different degree of the depth and criticism of the USSR / Russia image. This interdisciplinary research is devoted to the analysis of the global cultural phenomenon in terms of the political history of the second half of the 20th - beginning of the 21st century. The research is based on the initiative of Russian government to use the 'soft power' that uses quite a limited number of formats. The author pays attention to the success of the multimedia franchise format used by the Western pop culture. Bondiana is viewed as an example of a successful franchise with the political message. By analysing the image of the USSR / Russia in the movies about James Bond, the author of the article has managed to describe the mechanisms of the successful franchise and what image it offered. The author has also assessed the degree of its stereotype/originality. The author concludes that despite the opinion of Soviet film criticism, Bondiana did not create a negative image but was more included to a neutral or even positive image of the USSR. The negative image of Russia of the 90s was objectively founded. Then the image of Russia was replaced with the image of the world terrorism. The interest in Soviet / Russian themes falls on the second hlf of the 70s - mid 80s and mid 90s which was directly related to the political processes ongoing in the world back in those times. 

Keywords: détente, Ian Fleming, ideology, media franchise, movie industry, James Bond, cold war, image of Russia, soft power, mass culture



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This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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