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The analysis of ontological status of virtual objects: modal logic and contemporary French philosophy (G. Deleuze, Q. Meillassoux, J. Baudrillard, and J. Derrida)
Astashkin Aleksandr Mikhailovich


73015, Russia, g. Velikii Novgorod, per. Yunnatov, 9, kv. 44


This article examines the three conceptual approaches to the virtual of Q. Meillassoux, J. Baudrillard and G. Deleuze, as well as the status of virtual objects in modal logic. A goal is set to analyze the conceptual approaches to the virtual world within the framework of the indicated approaches (modal logic and contemporary French philosophy), integrate them into the common concept of the virtual matter that includes the various virtual objects, such as fantasies, digital images, hallucinations, dreams, illusions, and artworks. The subject of this study is the virtual objects in conceptual approaches of modal logic of the contemporary French philosophy. Virtual objects are viewed from the ontological and epistemological perspective. The author analyzes the way of existence of the virtual objects, their classification, and correlation between the diverse types of virtuality. The scientific novelty consists in overview of the most contemporary and relevant philosophical approaches to the phenomenon of virtuality. The following conclusions are made: virtual objects appear as a result of the intentional act of consciousness; they are not real, but simulatively reproduce the reality; virtual worlds do not exists outside and regardless of human consciousness; illusiveness is the basic feature of the virtual matter.

Keywords: reality, modal logic, digital technologies, virtual reality, virtual objects, Body without organs, viruses, simulacrum, ghosts, images



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